Our books are available in the UK via wholesalers, especially Gardners Books. Larger or special orders can be arranged via our offices and delivered direct from our Carlisle warehousing. We are currently reviewing our international distribution arrangements and will post more on this in due course.

We do not have a salesforce, so that our books need to be our salespeople! Around 270 shops receive a copy of each book we publish and if you wish to be on that list we invite you to contact us here.

If you have any clients who ask you about publishing their book, you may want to point them at our letter to prospective authors. We also publish Ethel Herr's book "An Introduction to Christian Writing". It is perhaps worth noting that personal stories of illness/disability/healing as well as "prophetic fiction" are areas where the rejection rate is highest.

Book Listings with STL/Nielsen Categories

ISBN Title ↑ Author Price £ STL Category Nielsen Category
1897913729 A Case of Confidence Ian R Smith 6.99 C12 HRB
1897913796 A Cause Worth Living For (2nd ed) David Hamilton 5.99 F01 BGX
1897913923 A Small Piece Of Pure Gold Jack McGinnigle & John Nodding 7.99 F02 BGX
1897913508 An Introduction To Christian Writing Ethel Herr 11.50 E10 CJCW HRB
1897913885 At the Harbourside Anthony Buckley 4.99 C02 HRCV2
1897913737 Billy Bray in His Own Words Chris Wright 8.99 F02 HRBK6
1897913850 Climate Change Apocalypse Jack McGinnigle 6.99 C06 HRAM3 RNPG
1897913869 Daydream Believer Mike Burke 6.99 K10 FW
1897913613 Divine Weather Jack McGinnigle 8.99 B04 HRBM RBPC
1897913451 Don't Call Me Sister Marion Field 6.99 F02 BGX
1897913710 Dr Sylver and the Library of Everything Paul Kercal 6.99 J16 FGK YFH
189791377X Dr Sylver and the Repository of the Past Paul Kercal 6.99 J16 YFXJJ YHRB
1897913834 Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time Paul Kercal 6.99 J16 YFXJJ YHRB
189791363X Dying to Live Fran Burke with Helen Wilkinson 9.99 F02 CVC VFPB
1897913052 Enjoying your Best Years J Oswald Sanders 3.99 E10 HRBV9 VFPG
0946616833 Every Life a Plan of God J Oswald Sanders 3.50 E10 HRBV9
1897913664 Every Third Person Karin Peters 4.99 K10 YF FBC
0946616655 Forging a Real-World Faith Gordon MacDonald 3.99 E10 HRBK4
1897913443 God Questions Lance Pierson 6.99 C02 YHRB HRAB1
1897913788 Haslam's Journey Chris Wright 8.99 E10 HRBV
1897913524 Heart of a Hooligan Paul Alkazraji 4.99 F01 HRBV9 CVC
0946616949 Heaven Better By Far J Oswald Sanders 3.99 E18 HRBX4 HRBQ
1897913486 Higher Than The Hills Bob Jackson 6.25 F06 HRDG1 CVC
1897913753 I'm Asking You Nicely Greg Watts 6.99 F02 HRBT4
1897913605 Imitating Christ through Guided Changework Ian Field 8.99 E16 HRBV3 HRBX4
189791394X Incorruption Jack McGinnigle 8.99 K08 FF
1897913400 It's Not Always Mum's Fault Annemarie Pfeifer 6.50 E32 VF HRBT1
1897913877 Jesus Centre Stage Tony Jasper & Kenneth Pickering 11.99 E17 DSB 2AB
1897913761 John Nelson Darby Prophetic Pioneer Marion Field 8.99 F02 BTH HRCV
1897913966 Letters from Henry: Songs for a brighter morning Anthony Buckley 5.99 K10 FW
1897913532 Luther's Rose Ursula Koch 6.99 F02 CVC 1DFG
0946616388 Matthew Bob Jackson 3.99 E18 HRBV9
1897913826 Next We Shall Sing Tony Jasper 9.99 G10 HRA
0946616884 No Way Back Phyllis Thompson 3.99 F06 HRB
1897913257 Not All Roads Lead Home Jane Bullard 6.99 E28 HRBT1
0946616809 One-Way Relationships Alfred Ells 3.95 E24 VFH
1897913672 Ordering Your Private World (New Ed) Gordon MacDonald 5.99 E10 VFPB
1897913842 Planetquake Umoya Lister 9.99 K08 FJ
094661699X Prayers For Every-Member Ministry John Gunstone 6.99 D04 HRBV9 HRBN1
0946616353 Prayers For Healing John Gunstone 6.99 G12 HRBN1
1897913680 Rebuilding Your Broken World Gordon MacDonald 5.99 E10 VFPB
1897913699 Restoring Your Spiritual Passion Gordon MacDonald 5.99 E10 VFPB VS
1897913478 Susanna Wesley: A Radical In The Rectory Marion Field 6.25 F02 HRBK6 CVC
1897913915 Taking the High Road: Fiction shorts Harry Hunter 6.99 K08 FW
1897913702 Terror-rest Ed Morris 6.99 E08 HRBN1
1897913516 The Jeremiah Diagnosis Derek Frank 6.25 C02 HRB
1897913656 The New Flatlanders Eric Middleton 6.99 C06 HRAB
1897913893 The Silencer Paul Alkazraji 7.99 K08 FW FH
1897913346 The Strength of a Man David Roper 4.99 E34 HRBT1
1897913397 The Wellfamily Handbook Claudia & Eberhard Muehlan 14.99 E26 HRCV VFX
1897913958 This I Call to MInd Anthony Buckley 5.99 D02 HRCG9
0946616957 Till The Heart Be Touched Gordon & Gail MacDonald 4.99 E24 HRBV HRBX4
1897913125 Trusting Pat Springle 4.99 E10 HRBQ3 HRBX4
1897913907 Well-Come Grace Suzanne Tocher 8.99 D08 BTP HRA
1897913591 Whiter than White Marion Field 6.99 K12 FBC
1897913931 Worthy of Trust Anthony Buckley 5.99 C02 HRCV, VS
1897913648 Youth in Exodus Geraldine Witcher 5.99 G06 HRBX HRBX4

Out of Print Listings

ISBN Title ↑ Author Price £ STL Category Nielsen Category
1897913419 366 Graces John Allport 6.50 D04 HRBV9 HRBN1
189791346X An Affair of the Heart Robert Warren 6.50 E06 HRBR HRBX4
0946616752 Battered into Submission J & P Alsdurf 4.95 E16 JBN JBQ
1897913079 Chapatis for Tea Ram Gidoomal & Margaret Wardell 4.99 E22 HRBQ HRBX2
1897913389 God in Cartoons Mark Bryant 6.99 K06 WHC HRBG
0946616965 Going Home Michael Cole 3.99 E18 HRBX4 VFPX
094661685X Jesus The Healer Michael Harper 3.99 C20 HRBB
0946616477 Keeping A Spiritual Journal Edward England 3.95 E02 HRBV9
1897913354 Lions, Princesses, Gurus Ram Gidoomal & Margaret Wardell 5.99 C08 HRBX7
1897913249 Lost Heritage Dr Kim Tan 4.99 G02 HRCC2
1897913540 Mary Batchelor's Everyday Book Mary Batchelor 7.50 D02 VS HRBV9
1897913184 Optimism and Faith M Blaine Smith 4.99 E10 HRBV HRBQ
1897913362 Out of Bounds Judith Wigley 4.50 F02 HRBT
1897913133 Overcoming Shyness M Blaine Smith 5.99 E16 VFP HRBO3
1897913575 Persian Springs Pauline Selby 3.50 F06 HR FNB
1897913494 Prepared in Advance: A Job For You Terry Crockford 6.99 E20 VSC
1897913230 Revival - God's Spotlight Dr HH Osborn 4.99 G02 HRCX7
1897913281 Shut Up Sarah Marion Field 5.99 J18 HRBZ HRBX7
1897913338 Small Portion Susan Phillips 5.99 F02 HRBX6 CVC
0946616906 The Hippo In The Garden James Ryle 3.99 C24 HRBQ HRAB1
0946616116 The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis 3.99 E12 HRBQ53
1897913273 The Yes Anxiety M Blaine Smith 5.99 E16 HRBV HRBx4
189791329X Till The Fat Lady Sings Bob Jackson 4.99 K06 FBC
1897913621 Walking the Edge Graham Jones 7.99 E10 WTG 1DBKE